Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to My Jen

I am so lucky to have the world's greatest Spouse. I know that most people think their Spouse is the greatest- and for them he or she is- that is how it is supposed to be.
Today is Jen's Birthday and I would like to share how blessed I am to have the greatest Husband in the world.
Jen is so very thoughtful- she will make sure that I have gas in my car, the tires are just the right pressure and all that icky stuff that would make my hands dirty before I have a long car drive.
She is there at night to hold me when I have a bad dream, to rub my head and help me to fall asleep, she is my best friend- but it is so much more then that. I can tell her anything and her opinion of me won't change- I can be me around her.
She holds my hand and makes me feel safe when I am unsure of things. She can calm me with a look in her eyes and she knows when I am upset and need a hug and a reassuring word, even when I am trying my hardest not to show it.
I can walk into a room, and see her face, catch her eyes and my world is OK. I love how her face lights up when she sees me.
She is a great parent- and would do anything for our children. She has the patience of no one I have met- she keeps me grounded with the kids when I am losing it. They look up to her on so many levels and I am always amazed at the things she teaches them and how she enriches their lives.
One of the most amazing things about her is her love for her parents- especially her Father. A day can't go by without her talking to her Dad- she laughs with him, fights with him, teases him, but the love they share is so amazing to me- it makes her day when she sees him.
Jen is genuine- she hears good things about people and she is happy for them, she always wants the best for everyone. She is not spiteful and I admire that.
Jen has stood by my side through my horrible illness, held my hair back while I puked my guts out, taken me to the ER time and time again and stayed with me, fighting with the Dr's to get me the treatment I need. She knows when I need to go- even when I am being stubborn and think it will pass. Many Spouses would just leave- buy it has made our relationship stronger.
Jen is my rock, my balance, my support- she is laughter and love, protection, intimacy, honestly and most important kindness. She has a great relationship with the Lord and has taught me so much. I am a better person for loving her, raising children with her, and having her love me.
Happy Birthday Sweetheart. I love you!


  1. Happy Birthday Jen!

    Hope it is terrific!!

  2. Happy Birthday Jen. You too sound as crazy in love as me and Jilly. That's so cool!

  3. Hau`oli Lā Hānau Jen. You sound like one terrific woman :)

  4. Happy birthday Jen!!!

    Love your sweet. Thanks for sharing!!