Friday, May 15, 2009

Look what I got!

When we moved here- they was a raggedy old swing set- but it worked- the boys were a little older and did not play on it much- so when we decided to build the new kitchen we new we would get Taya a new swing set- however the kitchen is taking forever and the weather is nice- so we went ahead and got it for her- and once the dirt pile is moved and the patio poured we will move it and plant sod- in the meantime Taya can enjoy it now.

It only took 4 adults about 4 hours to put it together. My buddy Chad that was in prison got out last week- so he came over and helped put it together with us. Thanks Chad. He is having a tough time finding a job and adjusting, but I am hoping it will get easier for him.

They are sanding the drywall today- I am hoping this means they will paint soon- so we can see some progress. We have drywall dust on everything- that is always nice. Bryce asked them when they were going to cut the new hole in his room for a bigger window- because he is impatient and wants his new bed and room put together- but they said they are going to put some things together before they destroy anything else- so I am hoping that means we will start to see a light at the end of this tunnel.

We are going to go see Larry The Cable guy tomorrow night- Bryce is going to go with us, he is excited.


  1. the swing set. Hope Chad gets some luck finding a job. It must be hard for him, its the worst when they try to do the right thing, but doors keep getting slammed in their face. Im sure he will find something. maybe one of the construction guys thats doing your kitchen can hire him to get him back on the work force. Have fun at the movies with bryce. Hes getting to the age where he will no longer want you to go with him. the clock is ticking...enjoy the moments.

  2. Love the swingset! I wanna come play. :)