Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How did this happen?

I know you hear all the time about how fast people's kids are growing up- but my baby is going to be 5! Really? Kindergarten is just around the corner- while I am looking forward to having the baby stage behind me, Pre-school out of the way- Kindergarten? Wow.

I think Taya is starting to come out of her shy shell a little bit- she is talking our faces off and won't shut up- but I think she is getting a bit braver with people she does not know. I hope so- she was/is painfully shy.

She is loving Gymnastics- or whonasticks as she calls it. Here she is doing straight arms on the double bars.

She is very conceited- she told Dylan the other day that it was easy to be ugly and hard to be pretty- because he just has to get up and throw clothes on and go to school. She has to get up, brush her hair, put on a pretty dress, and it is just hard. LOL

When leaving the house the other day she stopped at her reflection in the patio door, flipped her hair and said- "I am beautiful!"- where does she get this crap from? Talk about a high self esteem- but at least she makes me laugh.

Speaking of laughing- she thinks she is funny too- she is always competing with Jen- and Jen told her the other day that Jen was really funny in High School and voted Class Clown- and Taya says- "Oh like me?" and Jen says- "well I think I was funnier than you"- and Taya says- "no way, I am the funniest person you know". She kills me.

We are taking Taya and her friend to see Disney Princess's on Ice- we will stay in a hotel the night before so they can swim, have brunch in the morning and then we got front row seats- I sure hope she does not try to take one of the Princess's jobs- since she is no doubt prettier than they are!

Girls, are just so much different than the boys- a fun different- but different.

Happy face at Gymnastics


These are her Birthday invitations I made for her Princess party.


  1. Girls are different. That's for damn sure! My friends Joy and Sue tried to raise their kids without gender labels. Somehow, they got stuck/blessed with a girl who will only wear pink dresses 24/7. I'm thinking that this is happening to you too.
    Your Friend, m.