Thursday, March 10, 2011


I know you hear all the time about how life is not fair for gay/lesbian couple- and some of you straight folk get tired of it- but damn I am so frustrated.

I have been covered under Jen's health insurance as a Domestic Partner forever- and believe me- we pay a high price. She left her job in October- so I elected COBRA- OK great- it took months to get it going- in February they finally billed me for 4 months- OK, all is fine and dandy- so I paid an arm and a leg- then just this week they decided that Domestic Partners are not covered under COBRA- so now I have lost my continuation of coverage since November 1st. Had I known this I would have gotten other insurance in November. Now I have a 12 month pre-existing clause- and with my illness- that is so not fair- if I was straight this would never have happened. I am so frustrated and there is nothing I can do.

They are sending me back my premiums- but I would much rather have health insurance. UG!

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  1. It's not right. I'm not one to complain but you are correct, it isn't fair. And I hardly ever use that word. Fred just received my healthcare two years ago and we are so grateful for it. Before that, he had the worst health care in the world and had to pay tons for it. Baby Steps.
    Take care! Your Friend, m.