Sunday, May 23, 2010

My twins are 5th graders!

This is the class picture of all the 4Th graders- notice Trey and Dylan in the red shirts right in the middle- lol!

Taya moves to another year of Pre-school
Twins- 5Th grade
Toby- middle school- 7Th grade!
Bryce- Jr.

Wow where has the time gone? They get so expensive as they get older. I love being a Mom- it has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done. I love the relationship I have with my kids and that they will tell me anything- sometimes things I don't want to know. Today was a great example.

When I woke up- Bryce came in my room and shut the door- and told me- "OK don't get mad"- well, hell right there your throat goes in your heart, you start to hyperventilate as you look at him and say "Of course I won't dear, talk to me.

Now Bryce is 16- but we did not get his permit until a few months after because he had bad grades- so when he turned 16 he did not get a licence- he is still on the permit until August.

Well the poor little child was bored last night- and in all his infinite wisdom could not think of anything to do- except steal Jen's truck at 2 a.m. and go visit some friends. Hello- was he dropped on his head as a baby? The tail light was out so he got pulled over- and it went down hill from there. He got a ticket for violating the conditions of his licence- but instead of calling his parents, the cop let him dive home....interesting.

Now I am so thankful no one was hurt including my son- but could not have planned this better- he got busted by a cop! He was terrified to tell me.

We talked and got things worked out- I did not freak out- I know there is so much more to come. I am thankful he is safe and no one else is hurt- I can cherish the little things.

Jen on the other hand is freaking out and telling the world what happened- I do not agree with that. So now we have a rift between us. I think she needs blood pressure medication to keep her calm.

I was a horrible child- ain't nothing these kids could do that I have not tried.

Oh, and just to top the day off- I let some dogs out thinking they would do well- NOPE dog fight- 7 on 1- I was screaming and kicking and I sprained my ankle and broke my big toe! Irritating.

Class of 2018

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