Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stop Complaining

OK, so I decided I have been too serious lately and I need to lighten the mood- I will tell you a funny story about how Taya has Jen so wrapped around her finger.

The other night Taya wanted to take a bath- so Jen filled the tub. She told Taya it was ready- Taya was sitting naked at Jen's desk with her legs crossed and said, "Say pretty please Princess Tay Tay it is time for your bath."

Jen says "Pretty please Princess Taya, go get in the tub." Nope was the response she got from Taya. "You are not listening, I said say Pretty Please Princess Tay Tay it is time for your bath, say that Nay Nay"- (That is what she calls Jen)

I am laughing so hard at this point. This is when I would say- get in the tub or no bath- but not Jen- she asks why she is begging Taya to take a bath when Taya wanted to take one in the first place!

After a few tries, Jen was able to say the correct response and Taya got in the tub. Oh this child kills me!


  1. omg....sounds like Kayla and Nick!

    If it were me I would say get in the tub or dont get in the tub! So Im with you!