Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sometimes there are no answers...

This beautiful young mother used to work for Jen and her Dad- she was a young mother to three children- had her own business as a flagger- not an easy job to work in the weather with truck drivers. She had some rough spots- but really seemed like she was doing OK.

She shot herself last night. I feel so sad for her babies- her family and her friends. Goodbye Samantha- Rest in peace and I am so sorry this life was so hard and painful for you. You were just a baby yourself. I remember how much you loved animals and your kids and tried to do better for yourself. We would go to the same Birthday parties with our kids and sit and visit. I wish I would have known you needed help. I am sorry Sam, you were dealt a tough hand of cards.


  1. Words cant even say how sorry I am for her, for her children and for you Kate. Words cant say.
    Lately, I have heard of so many suicides like this. The most home hitting one being someone I knew...my best friends Mom and Dad. I just cant understand this. I cant understand. I know its something I wont understand and physically cant, even though I wish I could so I give those left behind with the pain of this some answers to help them heal. Its not fair. Its just not fair. My heart hurts for these victims families so much.

  2. The pain one must feel to go this extreme. I am so sorry. I have no words, such a young woman. I cant even imagine the pain her family and friends are going through.