Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010!

I heard this joke the other day...Why didn't Frankenstein have any kids?

(Answer at the end of the post!)

I hope everyone had a fun Halloween- we had a busy one- starting with Taya not feeling well on Friday- so I looked in her throat and knew without a doubt she has strep- so off to the Dr. for a strep test which was positive. Great!

The Dr. gave her some liquid penicillin- knowing better I asked for it to be flavored- we get home and I go to give it to her and she spits it all over me- I was pissed! It had already been a long day, she was whinny and not feeling well and now I am covered in pink, sticky medicine- so we tried again with the same result. How do you force a 4 year old to take medicine that she does not want to take? Oh, and I forgot to mention she has to take it 4 times a day!

Some days I am just done with her trying my patience! She also hates dance class all of a sudden and does not want to go. She throws a fit, kicks the wall and screams. Did I also mention that when we went to the Dr. she refused to talk to him- she would not answer one of his questions and hid behind me the whole time- so embarrassing- then wen we got to the car and she was chatting my face off- I asked her why she would not talk to the Dr. She said, "he called me Taya, that is not my right name" She refuses to talk to anyone who does not call her Tay Tay! Shoot me now- please.

Dylan with his pumpkin

Toast thinks he needs some help

Toby- not to excited about carving pumpkins

Turtle goes for a ride on Toast with Jen's brother

Tay and her pumpkin

Dylan, Tay and Trey at the High school during Bryce's parent teacher conf. that he did not want us to go to

Dylan and Hilda

Trick or Treat street group

Tay at school

Answer: Because he had a hallow weenie! LOL


  1. Great pictures! Love that the dog has to put in his two cents! Looks like you all had a fun day.

  2. Funny! :o) Love all the pic's! Sorry that Tay Tay (must call her her real name!) had strep. And even more sorry that she is a grumpy 4 year old. They sure know how to wear down our patience some days. Hope you had a Happy Halloween!