Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I am a loser

OK, go ahead and say it- "Kate is a big loser!"- there- do you feel better? I do. So the 30 day blog challenge stressed me out and I was not getting it done, so I stopped blogging because I forgot where I was and what I still needed to do- so tonight I decided to just scrap the whole thing. I failed at the challenge- stupid to let something like that stress you out huh? That is me- I worry about stupid stuff- stuff that no one else would even notice- like we broke a kitchen chair- so one chair has been missing- drove me crazy- Jen never even noticed! I worry and stress and have dreams about stupid stuff- like my blog- so now I have a clean slate.

We have been so busy and I need to catch up, but I really hate it when people post 75 blogs in a day- so I am not going to do that- but I will catch you up over the next week or so.

For now- to be neutral I am going to post some pictures of a few of our dogs- mostly because I was updating the website and I had the pictures handy. I have 5 females in heat so I have been really busy and I even learned a new trait- I can now artificially inseminate my dogs on my own- I know TMI- but I am excited about being able to do this- I have gotten rid of many a dog that I loved because it would not breed! So now, I will not have to!

I sure hope everyone has been enjoying summer- we have been busy with baseball, Trey broke his thumb, Toby, Dylan, and Bryce just finished wrestling, and Taya was beautiful in her dance recital! More to come.

This is Nui- her Mom is one I had to get rid of because she would not breed!

This i lo- she is a butch female! She was imported from Hungary!

This is my baby Leihua- imported from Russia- she hated people when we got her.

This is Luakele- we just got her from a breeder who did not like her.

This is Da Kine- isn't he a stud! He was imported from Russia and is so handsome!

Ok, these are a few of our beauties that I had to share!


  1. You're not the "biggest loser". I saw that 30 day challenge on a few blogs and thought, "no way, Mark". I knew I wouldn't keep up with it so I bowed out before I started. Plus, it's not a natural flow of one's thoughts. You have to follow guidelines and I don't like that.
    75 posts a day? ha! I love it. I have seen sites where if I miss visiting for one day, I miss three posts. I'm laughing right now. I could write more but I'm forcing myself to stay with three a week. And even that is too much for some people.
    Those dogs are gorgeous. My old Golden doesn't have much time left. I can't stand our Springer Spaniel but I'm not sure if I want another dog after my old boy is gone.
    Take care. m.

  2. You are not a loser. Not at all. I started the blog challenge before you, and still haven't finished. I decided that I would do a day here and there, and finishe it sometime.

    Yeah, I feel ya on the not wanting to post more than one in a day - I thought it was some unwritten (or heck, it could be written somewhere) blog etiquette that you only post one a day?!! Who knows where I even got that info!

    Your dogs are BEAUTIFUL! Absolutely beautiful!!

    Glad you are back to blogging!

  3. You not a loser, You are very busy. I love you