Saturday, July 2, 2011

RIP Beth

I am sure folks think I am crazy but I am so sad that Beth, our Emu passed away today. We got her as a 4 week old chick and she was the best bird. How many times can a person say they have pet an Emu?

I really wish I knew what happened to her- but something attacked her about 10 days ago and really tore her up- we found blood and feathers far away from where she lives- she survived the attack and had made it this far so I was hopeful- but she lost the fight.

Emu females make the most amazing drumming sound from their chest- it was so nice to be doing farm chores and just listen to her drumming away- knowing she was happy and content. She would just watch, and pace back and forth while I would be watering, or feeding the other animals- always present on our farm.

She was a beautiful bird, so curious and amazing- RIP Beth- I will sure miss you!

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  1. : ( Sorry sweetie... I am sure her passing makes your heart hurt.