Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We started the 2011 baseball season well....

Trey was having a great time playing baseball- he catches most of the time, but sometimes plays first base. He understands the game and is always thinking two plays ahead.

The child can not stand to be on base- he steals all of the time and never gets caught- he gives me a heart attack sometimes- but he loves to steal!

Then about 6 games in he broke his thumb catching. The pitcher did not cover the plate- so he dove to get the kid out and the bent the tip of his thumb backwards. He would not leave the game- even though this was the first inning- he stayed to watch his team play.

He had a total of 6 casts- purple and pink-it helps that one of his coaches was also his Otho Dr.- However, the kid loves baseball- it is in his blood and he kept playing- his swing changed some, but he still hit home runs. His team lost any game he did not play in- not saying he was the reason- just saying that he is a leader and he loves the game.

He never lost his fun attitude- he would get frustrated sometimes because he wanted to do more with his hand. He wanted his cast off earlier than the Dr. would agree to take it off.

One game he got kicked out half way through because the other team told the Ump that he could not play with his cast on- so per the rules- the next game we wrapped 1 inch of carpet pad and bubble wrap around his cast and he had a club- do you think that stopped this kid?

No way! It made him more determined to play better and show everyone that he could play, and play well, with a huge club arm. I told you this kid loved the game! Here he is on first base with the club- not in the outfield- but right in the heart of the action!

He enjoyed the games where he "just" had to wear a cast because no one said anything to the Umps. He gets intentionally walked a lot- and I have to say, not just as his Mom, he is good-he is a great catcher, and I really enjoy watching him play. He is stubborn and determined. Most kids would have just sat out the rest of the season- but not Trey- he is not capable of giving up. I am excited to see what his future holds! I sure love you my baseball boy!


  1. Good for him! Baseball has never been my thing. I would have broken my hand on purpose just to sit on the bench during the season. m.

  2. Trey is a total rock star!!! He sounds like an AMAZING player!! His team is lucky to have him - not only because he is a kick a$$ player, but also because he loves to play!!

    All the pic's are great - but I LOVE the one of him 'playing' the bat!! haha