Sunday, October 30, 2011

Punkin Patch!

We went to the pumpkin patch a few times this season- once with Taya's class, then Jen wanted to go, and then we though the Twins' were old enough for their first haunted corn maze! Dylan was not ready- he was so scared! So, we decided to wait another year before taking them to the Haunted Houses in Denver. Jen and I love Haunted Houses! We took Bryce and Toby instead and had so much fun with them being scared. I love making lasting memories- they may not be typical family memories- but they will last! :)

Dylan with a few of his buddies before the maze!

Toby does not let me post pictures of him on Facebook anymore- but he did not say anything about my blog! :) I can still get him to do embarrassing stuff- like get in the kiddy train!

Taya and Jen- so cute!

The duck races- I think Trey won every time!

Taya, Trey, and his best friend Garrett- who Taya has a crush on currently!


  1. We've done none of these activities as of yet this year. And now with the weather being so cold, and our snow storm, I'm not sure that we will get the chance. I'll have to live my life through you guys.

  2. Taya? Crush already? Oh boy....and on one of her brother's friends? Oh boy...

    You know that's how I got married? Best friend's brother...

    Watch out.