Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween fun!

Halloween is my favorite holiday. When we lived in the city- I was "That house" that had all the crazy decorations- we would have a Haunted House in our garage and we spend hundreds of dollars every year on decorations.

When we moved to the country- we tried to decorate those first few years- but the wind is stronger here-a lot stronger- and well it just did not work out so well- I still have the decorations- just not quite able to part with them.

The last few Halloweens have been hard- Jen was in PA for training a couple of Halloween's ago- and most of the time she is working and I have to do the parties and Trick or Treating alone with the kids- but this year- all was right with the Universe and she was able to join the festivities. She was able to come to Taya's party for about 20 mins. I dropped of cupcakes and juice for the twins and Toby would not let me within 100 yards of his school- he is at that age ya know!

Taya was Snow White- she is going to marry Snow White one day so she can live in a castle- so is it weird that she is dressing up as her future spouse?

Dylan did not dress up and Trey wore a mask-lol

I hope everyone else had a great Halloween!

Trey showing off the amazing job he did on the hole at the top of the pumpkin- way to go Trey- I see a bright future for you!

Dylan showing his stem- Taya wanted nothing to do with this project- she was cold and done about 5 mins into it.

Dylan with his creation- prob not a future in pumpkin carving for this kid- sharp objects are just better left alone by him.

Jen and I with Taya- you can't tell but I have my freaky contacts in.

Snow White- she is a cutie!

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  1. SO glad Jen could finally spend some Halloween time with the family. That is always nice!