Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chrsitmas Pictures

Christmas pictures are always fun- with dogs and kids- but this year was worse- finding someone to take them, and getting everyone together all at the same time. I really wanted a family picture since Bryce will be in the Navy in June and who knows when he will be around for a Christmas picture! Jen had 30 mins before work, Bryce had to leave work to meet us, Taya had just finished dance class 10 mins before, Trey had basketball in 30 mins, Toby and Dylan had wrestling- so we had to squeeze it in- then everyone had their moments of being crazy in different pictures- this is what I got....

Dogs are not cooperating

Look at Trey! Toby's eyes are closed.

Trey and Taya are killing me

Taya was striking a pose

Still being a Diva

Toby is in prayer....

Trey- AGAIN!

So did we get any winners you ask? Here they are!

I wish we were closer together- but I will take it- I stole the cardboard idea from the Alessi family- love it! This one will go to special friends and I put it on our website.

This will be the main card that will go to most folks.

Glad this is done!


  1. I love that cardboard one. LOVE love. Also the very last picture is great! The bridge in the background is really nice.

  2. Ok, so I was cracking up looking at these pictures!! Trey's faces were hilarious!!!

    The last picture is wonderful!!!

  3. Good job! That's a great shot too.