Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!

Jen and I were able to get away for a few days, no kids and go to Vegas. It was our belated Birthday gift to each other. It came at a good time because she goes back to working nights this week, and I do not do well with her being gone at night- I admit, I am a big baby!

I love her!

I can't tell you what she had to do to win these beads!

We saw Barry Manilow- I love him. I tell the kids he is their donor! :)

Weird ice people put on a show for Christmas- Jordan Sparks sang too.

Jen being a goof at one of the hotels.

Of course we had to see the fountain show

and Freemont Street

Then we went to this amazing bakery. This cake was $2850

Look at these desserts- we had to try a few....

Jen had this cheesecake and she said it was wonderful

We saw a drag show- this is a guy!

This was the show host- not Jen- they guy in red!

Jen posed with Bette

and in Vegas fashion we saw weird stuff too!

Did I mention that I saw Barry? Oh I love him- I love going to see him!

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