Thursday, March 8, 2012

OK, let get an opinion....

So Bryce is graduation from High School in May and I guess we are supposed to have a party. I tried to book to pool- but they are closed that weekend- WTF?

So, I guess we have to have a bunch of folks at our house- I was going to rent a bounce house for the little kids and the Sumo wrestling thing for the big kids- have a BBQ and all that jazz- so here is my question that I need an opinion on- Invitations/announcements.

Most folks send formal announcements with a picture- I always lose the announcement and forget when the party is- I was thinking about doing those picture cards that you order from like Wal-Mart and people send out for Christmas- it usually has a picture and your greeting- is it tacky to do this for graduation? I just thought- it was a picture and I could include all the information on it- but I was not make sure it is Kosher. This will be a graduation/going away to the Navy BBQ.

Ok, let me know....


  1. My sister did this for her youngest son's graduation. There were actually three different pictures on the card, and then all the info. I do not think it is tacky at all! But then again, we are definitely all about making things easier, simpler and more cost effective!

    And times have changed - picture cards/invites are way more popular now than they ever used to be.

    Congrats Bryce! On graduation, and joining the Navy! Such an exciting year for him!

  2. How about a save the date magnet? I got one of those one time and loved it. Still have it and it was years ago.

  3. Sounds like a great idea; I don't think there is any official ettiquette around it. Anyway, we've ditched anything "official" with the make up of our families so just go with it!