Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wow what a slacker!

I have been such a slacker- slap my butt! I guess I will just do an update post to catch up everyone. Taya is going to be 6 soon- not sure how that happened. She is so funny and so full of piss and vinegar but I would not trade it for anything! Here she is cheerleading at a halftime show. She likes to be on the big stage but is not a big fan of practicing.
My Bryce has grown into such a great young man. He volunteers with the Special Olympics every weekend. Here he is helping a kid play basketball. He just amazes me. He will be 18 next month and I don't know where the time went- I know that is so cliche but seriously- I was just trying to get pregnant with him. He will graduate on May 26th and go to Navy boot camp on June 26th. I am going to just lose it when he leaves.
Dylan is wrestling- he has not done as well this year and we are not really sure why- he just does not seem to have the focus. We have decided to put him back on his ADHD meds and see if that helps- he has gotten into some really minor trouble in school and we just want to curb all this before it gets out of hand. Rooting for him to do better. He took 8th place at this state tournament- now onto Middle School state. Go Dylan!
Trey, is amazing- he has not wrestled since he was 9 and he decided he wanted to start again and go to state once basketball was over- I am not gonna lie- I made fun of him and told him he would get his rear end handed to him- he decided to prove me wrong. He has been working his tail off for three weeks in practice- went to state- his first tournament in 3 years and took second place! I was in awe. I then was not a good Mom and I had to tell the kid who won- that Trey had only wrestled 3 matches that day in three years so don't pat himself on the back too hard- I know, I know not very sportsmanlike. :) He is now going to wrestle in Middle school state and then on to baseball.
I am in awe of my Toby. He made National Jr. Honor Society for the second year in a row. He went undefeated 18-0 for middl school wrestling and took first in State. He did not even break a sweat- he just plays with the poor kids and then when he is like 14 points ahead he pins the guy. He is such a good kid and people tell me all the time what a joy he is.

Ok, done bragging- just love my kids and who they are becoming. I guess all the fights, and tears are worth it? Maybe?

Things for us are going well. Jen is working nights and I hate that. We have a few dogs that are due with puppies this month, so that will keep us busy. We just sent a beautiful girl off for a month of training, so hoping that goes well but I sure miss her.

I promise to be better about blogging. :)