Monday, September 17, 2012

I have a Sailor!

Bryce graduated from Navy boot camp on August 24th.  We went to Great Lakes to his graduation and were able to spend the whole weekend with him.  It was so nice to have all my together again.

Bryce is so happy and it shows all over his face, the way he carries himself, and the excitement in his voice when he talks about his career choice.  he is living his dream and the light that surrounds him is so bright.  As a parent, nothing helps to heal the pain of your first child leaving home, then t see this happiness.

Taya was over the moon excited to be reunited with her brother.  He is now in A school until february in Chicago, but we can text, talk, and Skype so it doe snot seem as hard.

Live your dream son and know that we love you and are prouder than words can say!

These are his dress blues- look at the happy shine in his eyes

These are his "peanut butters"  He put on 10 pounds at boot camp

I think these two kind of like each other

Man do I love these guys!

His dress whites, we made him salute for a picture- lol

The family together again, even if only for a weekend.


  1. what an amazing group of pics :-) Congrats to Bryce

  2. Those pictures are beautiful. I cant even imagine the pride you feel and please credit yourself for all the great choices Bryce has made. I hope to be as great a Mother as you are Kate. Honest.