Sunday, January 3, 2010

Anyone think this is strange?

I am not a big fan of Barbie- I think she is weird- but Jen and I got Taya a Bratz doll on Black Friday. Here she is- Taya named her "Charlie"

So I was playing with Charlie and trying to adjust her top because her boobs were coming out and I thought she might be cold- when I took off her boots- I remember as a child that I thought Barbie's shoes were cool- and Charlie had these cool boots on- so I pulled one off and low and behold this is what I found:

OK I was a little disturbed that Charlie's feet stay in the boots- anyone else think this is weird?


  1. lol, those dolls are so freaky looking to me and that just tops it off!

  2. What's really weird is that she's wearing all that black without a single accessory that would add a dash of color, say a crimson scarf or perhaps a yellow hair bow.

    What? It's weird to ME. To me.