Friday, January 22, 2010

Not much to say

Not a whole lot going on here at our house lately. I have vowed to scrapbook at least 10 pages a week for the year- so hopefully 600 pages by the end of the year- and so far so good. I am adding a few of the pages. I am hoping to get caught up on the kids.

Jen has been working- still loving her job. Bryce has been dating the same girl for going on 2 months now! Must be serious.

Toby is still liking the same girl too since before Christmas. Trey is going to play basketball- have not had a child in basketball for years. Dylan got an x-box for Christmas so he plays that all the time- and Taya is- well... Taya. Busy and funny.

I am not a believer in vitamins at all- think they are a waste of money- have taken them from Walmart over the years but never noticed anything. For some reason I decided to take them from the health food store- you know the kid that smell horrid and you burp vitamin dust for hours afterwards? I take 6 a day- that is a freaking lot of pills! Well since taking them, knock
on wood, I have not had one of my episodes. Is it possible that I was lacking something that was making me so sick? I am anemic all the time- need iron infusions- and these vitamins have a natural source of iron from beet juice or something. I am hoping and praying that this is the cure I need- still not a huge believer in vitamins- but I am not changing anything for fer I will have an episode.

Anyone else out there think vitamins work?


  1. Love the scrapbook pages! You do a wonderful job!

    I'm just on a multivitamin and not sure if it makes me feel better or not. Mark's been told to take one and doesn't. Who knows? :)

  2. I'M a vitamin believer! And herbals too.