Tuesday, January 5, 2010


So I figure it is time for a post about Bryce! He will be 16 in April. He is a good kid most of the time. Although he does not apply himself at school, and I worry about what he will do to support himself as an adult... I was alot more work for my parents- did bad things, snuck out of the house, and oh so much more.

Here are my latest issues. I found Snus in his room over Christmas break- for those of you like myself that do not know what this is- it is chewing tobacco in little packets that you suck on. I also found a can of chew. So I kept digging. I know some of you would not agree with this- and say I have no right to look on his room- but I figure I need to be an informed parent- so I kept looking! I also found a box of condoms- all three were still there- but he had them just the same.

Now I was calm and I talked to him about these things- he said he has done some experimenting with chew but did not really like it and that the cans were expired if I looked closely at them- this was true. Then I bit the bullet and asked about the condoms- he said he bought them- he has a little girlfriend. So I said he must be thinking about sex- he said he was a teenager that is all he thinks about- I did not laugh!

I really struggled with this- I do not want to condone sex at all- but at 15 I was doing it- so am I a hypocrite to not want him to do it? I should be glad he thought about protection, right?- but I don't want him to do it at all. So I prayed about it- and I came to the conclusion that it is not my decision to make when he has sex. I got to make my decision- now he needs to make his. But do not get my wrong- I will limit every opportunity I can for him to be in a situation to have to make this decision! :)

So the teen years have hit- his girlfriend posts disturbing things on Facebook indicating she is still interested in other boys- I just try to open Bryce's mind to what is going on- but who knows how much gets in. I just hate when he gets hurt by girls- we are so cruel!

On a side note I am attaching pictures of Bryce's ingrown toenail that he just had cut out for a third time. This time he was not quit numb and he almost passed out from the pain- he went white and they had to get him some juice- it was horrible. I just want him to be little again so I can protect him from this hurt and pain in the big wide world! The scary thing is- I still have 4 more kids to go!



  1. Nice....i get those but i always tend to it myself!
    I guess its good you can talk about sex and stuff with Bryce, and he will tell you things. And im sure he will get hurt by a girl at some point, but who hasnt? Its just part of growing up and having relationships. From what i can see from what you say about him, he seems like a good kid. Trust him! and keep talking to him x

  2. I would've snooped too...you got to. :) That's awesome you're able to talk to Bryce. It's great you have a wonderful relationship like that.