Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cat girl and Facebook!

This is how my daughter fell asleep- she thinks she is a cat- so she lays on the back of the couch with the cat!

On the Facebook front- I think I am going to move my posts back to my blog- I have too many friends on FB that it has become awkward- family, and parents of kids on my children's sports teams that I really have never had a conversation with in my life- I know you say- just ignore them- but we live in a small town and what if I offend someone? I am a pleaser! So it has just become weird on FB. How do you deal with FB requests from people you are not sure you want to know everything about your life?


  1. She does have some funny sleeping habits doesnt she? lol

  2. As far as FB...I only allow people that I can be myself around. If I cant be myself around them then they arent important enough to have them around on my FB. I hope that helps you make some choices!

  3. I totally understand the FB thing. I usually accept most friend requests and then don't change or alter my posts based on who might be reading them. Honestly if I offend someone with what I say, then they probably really weren't my friends to begin with.

    I may feel differently though when my kids are older and if I lived in a smaller town.

  4. hi
    i have just found your blog, i love it. you have beautiful family

  5. She is sooooo cute! So adorable. Makes me smile. :)

  6. She is just too cute!!

    And I feel the same way about fb. I accept any request, I just don't get too personal on there. I save all that for my blog. I do put up pics, and I do post updates, but nothing that I don't want everyone to read. Well... and actually, I am more censored on my blog than I used to be. It was different when it was just my blog friends that read. But now that my real life family and friends (and some that I wouldn't consider fiends) follow or read, I feel that I have had to watch what I say. Darn... if we were to ever decide to have another baby, I wouldn't have my blog as an outlet... and that sucks. haha But, I guess, I can just use your comment section as my outlet - considering I am doing that now! haha Sorry about that! I think I am starving to blog! haha I start typing... and I just keep going! Again, sorry to hijack your comments!! :)