Monday, September 20, 2010

Some pictures

Bryce's Jr. Year

Trey football- heavy weights

Dylan football- middle weights

Taya the morning of school pictures
No pictures of Toby yet- they are not back yet. Not much going on here- just busy with kids on 4 different football teams, having a teenager dating a College girl is taking it's tole on me!
I get my new scrap booking machine tomorrow and I just can not wait- I will have to show you some of the amazing projects that it does!!
I can feel fall in the air- and I am not happy- I love Summer- and I hate the snow- I need to live where it is warmer.
Hope everyone is doing great!


  1. What a good looking bunch!!!

    Hey come on out to AZ, no snow here and lots and lots of sunshine. :)

  2. I will keep this comment shorter than my last one! haha

    Your kids are all gorgeous! Beautiful family!!

    I love Fall! I love winter! I love Spring! I love Summer! I love what each season has. I like to play in the snow with the kids. I love to drive at night when a good snow is starting to fall - because I love the way the snowflakes look in the headlights. I love the way the snow on the ground glistens in the street lights. I love Fall and the changing of the leaves. I love the colors and I love the chill in the air, and I love Football!! I love Spring, and the newness that it brings. The flowers blooming, the colors and the smells and the sounds! And I love the warmth of sun in the Summer. The smell of a summer thunderstorm. And I love to swim, and I love that the kids are out of school!

    What is it about your blog? I come here, I read, and I plan to leave a simple but to the point comment but then I leave these horrendously huge comments! And it's like i can't stop myself! haha

  3. And I was wrong - this one was not shorter, I think it is longer! Sorry, I really do need some blog therapy!