Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

So the day before they close the pool for good- you can bring Fido down for a swim- it seems we are always busy during this time- but this year it worked out- so we brought Lei hua- she loves the water. We stayed for about an hour and had fun with her- I sure do love this dog.

The Dive


Reach for the step

My girl swimming- other dogs watching!

Waiting for Jen to say it is OK to go in the water.
Animals bring us such good pleasure- I am certainly thankful for mine.


  1. Oh, I wish our pool would do this! My pups both love the water, but the crap excuses for dog parks around here simply have baby pools as their water features. I'd take them to the beach, but (to my dismay) they aren't as obedient as I'd like them to be. My springer can't be let off leash, cuz he gets so excited that he doesn't come when called. My Pitt rescue is great off leash, but people freak when they see her "unrestrained."