Sunday, June 20, 2010

I just decided

Tonight, when I walked into the living room to find one of our goats, Flower, in the front room- I decided at that moment that we live a crazy busy life.

We have had b4 baseball games and 2 dance recitals this weekend. The Twins did great, and Taya had fun dancing but I am glad it is done for awhile. Now Jen is pulling out the camper to get it packed because we are going on a 10 day trip with my brother and his family- so somehow tomorrow I need to get the camper cleaned and packed, food shop, get an alignment and trailer breaks, drive to Greeley to Sam's club for dog food and get organized for our trip. Sometimes it is nice to just stay home and do nothing.

I did end up getting sick- I spent Friday night in the ER and was sick most of Saturday- but I am feeling better now. I get so frustrated with my disease.

So, off again, off again jigity jig. I will scan Taya's dance pictures and post them because they are so beautiful!


  1. You only just realised you have a crazy life? I could have told you that, being in one of those myself!

  2. Kate,
    Just reading about your life exhausts me! But in a good way. Your a wonderful mother and your children are very lucky.

    And camping? Im so jealous. We cant camp here. Its just way too hot and humid out. Nick and I LOVE to camp and I miss it oh so very much. We have camped in Croatia and Austria before we moved from Italy. Oh how I miss it so...I hope you have a great time and share pictures with us!

  3. Just when I think our lives are busy and crazy, you go and show us up with your goat! lol But don't you just love all this craziness? I know I do - but what I REALLY LOVE is the breaks - we are going on vacation in July - and I can't wait!!!