Monday, June 7, 2010

Leaving on a jet plane

Well, we are off tomorrow for our annual trip to Hawaii. I think we are packed- I am certain we are forgetting something. We have to leave at 4 a.m. so that makes me happy.

The boys are all sad and bummed because they are going to miss their girlfriends. Toby was actually in tears. This is new for us. When did they stop being my boys and start belonging to hussies?

I am TERRIFIED that I will get sick. Last year I flew in and went straight to the ER- please dear God- keep me safe and sound- I want to stay healthy for the trip- I am so scared of this. I can't talk about it because then I feel like I jinx it or make everyone else think of it- but they probably are anyway. Just please, please, please don't let me get sick.

I am really looking forward to spending time with the family and Jen- I am stressed about the animals- no one takes care of them like I do- we have puppies and all and it stresses me out. Never a day off.

OK, deep breath- it will be fine. right?


  1. It will be fine. Go on vacation and leave your worries behind. Enjoy yourself. Wish I could go to HI this month instead of next so we could meet. Next time!

  2. The way I see it, yes, everything will be fine. Not only that, what good does it do you to spend your vacation worrying about things you can do nothing about?

    Enjoy your vacation! Take a load off!

  3. go enjoy yourself, quit the worrying. I am so jealous. You guys have a great time.