Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So disappointed

Well Bryce is giving me a run for my money- Overall I have to admit he is a pretty good kid. Respectful, we are close- he tells me most things- and I still enjoy him. I know teenage years are supposed to be heard- but I am so not ready.

He has always gotten bad grades- he does have a bit of a learning problem- but I am not kidding myself- he never applies himself- does homework and will never be a scholar. My rule for his Driver's License is he has to have "C" grades or better- not a "C" average. Mind you- when I was a kid there is no way in H*ll that "C' grades would have gotten my my license- but I cut him some slack. So- Bryce is 16 and still has his permit- his grades just came out and he has 2 F's and a D- so no licence. Bottom line. I am the cruelest Mother though because all his friends can drive. Oh well.

Let's not forget the other night when he could not sleep and he steals the truck- he premeditated this because we have a driveway alarm and he muted it- I did not even know it muted!

He is dating a college girl and I KNOW things are going on that I do not approve of. I can't be with him all the time- but it is just unsettling to know that he is growing up too fast!

I don't get it- I am a SAHM, I am so involved in their lives, have lunch with them at school, on the PTO, am a face everyone knows because I am involved in everything from sports, to class teacher. I don't drink, do drugs, abuse them, I have a great relationship with my spouse- and the problem kids are doing great- win all the awards at school- my son is flunking classes and stealing cars? I don't get it- should I start drinking?

Stop this parent ride I want to get off.


  1. Yes, start drinking! Just kidding, of course... I don't know what to tell you. Right now I am glad I deal with little kid and little kid issues. I don't think pulling all c's is too much to expect. Can you "Ban" him from seeing his girlfriend? I mean, really? A college girl? What in the world is a college girl doing with a 16 year old boy w/ no drivers license? Good luck, girlie...

  2. Oh, Kate, I'm so sorry. What a lot to deal with. You're such a wonderful mom and I can't imagine the effect this has on you. I agree with onemorebaby...what's a college girl doing with a 16-year-old boy? And if they are having sex, isn't that rape?

    I'm so sorry girl. (((HUGS)))

  3. Hang in there Kate. From all your posts, you are a wonderful caring mother. One that really needs a glass of wine, but wonderful and caring as well!