Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Corn Stove

Well I guess the corn stove did not work out so well. This is what the side of the house looks like where it vents. Can you say fire hazard?

I was dreaming the other night that everywhere I went people were telling me that I smelled like a cabin- like smoke- I would tell them that it was the corn stove. Then out of a dead sleep Jen is yelling- "get up, hurry, the house is filled with smoke!" Sure enough the house was filled with smoke from the stove. The hopper was on fire- so we opened all the windows and put the fire out.

This is the second fire we had in the stove- so something must be wrong with it- teach me to save a little money and order from the internet from a company I know nothing about!

So, I am trying to get my money back- but no response yet from the company and I ordered a new corn stove locally- keep your fingers crossed that this one works. I painted the side of the house and the ceiling in our bed room because it was also black but I forgot to take a picture of that.

I guess my dream was trying to tell me something- but I was not listening.

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  1. That is super scary. I sure hope that the new one is much safer!