Saturday, December 18, 2010

Life goes on

Not much going on- and everything going on. Jen started a new job a few months ago as a Sheriff Deputy- but she has to work nights 7-7- I am a big baby and I hate it- I can't sleep until she gets home- but then I can't sleep because I have to get the kids to school and activities and it just sucks. She really likes it much more than the prison- so I can only complain here. :)

Dylan is wrestling, Trey is in basketball, Toby is wrestling, and Bryce is working. Taya has dance and gymnastics- so I stay pretty busy. Taya does not have school on Friday and if you have ever tried to keep a 4 year old quiet- it does not work, so we try to do stuff all day while Jen is sleeping, but it is hard to come up with new ideas every week.

I have really been enjoying this warm weather we have been having- it makes me so happy to not have snow. We have a new corn stove- so I am enjoying that.

We have new puppies- and more on the way- dogs are like humans- in that they all come into heat at the same time- so we have like 4 litters due within a month. I am not complaining- just saying I will sure be busy.

I am not ready for Christmas- the gifts I did wrap and put under the tree, Taya opened. Even if they were not for her- she opens them anyway.

Bryce still does not have grades good enough for a driver's liscense- will I be driving him around until he is 30?

I think I am in a funk- maybe I need Prozac! :)


  1. You just need a few delicious Christmas cookies!

  2. aww I am exactly the same when Jilly's on nights. I have awful nights sleep for the whole week she does them and am shattered by the end of it!

    I can recommend prozac but then again i still have 'funks' quite regularly.

    Keep smiling :)