Thursday, December 30, 2010

None sense!

I have not written a post about my crazy daughter in awhile- oh this child makes me laugh!

She loves Fancy Nancy- and Fancy Nancy uses big words- so she is always asking me for new words- lately she likes the word None sense! Instead of true or false- we play none sense and reality. Like a car has wings- None sense! The other day we went to see Yogi bear- and while the movie was pretty quiet, Yogi starts talking and Taya is laughing so loud and says- "That's None sense"- the whole theatre cracked up laughing.

This Christmas she is so into Santa and what she wants- when Jen takes her to Wal-mart, she is hiding toys that she wants behind things and under shelves- so worried that they will run out and she will not get what she wants.

When you tell her you love her she says"Aw, I love you too and I care about you."

One day she says- "Mama, you are pretty" Silly me thinking she is giving me a compliment I say, "Thanks Moo"- and she responds with- "But, not as pretty as me!"

These are just some of the crazy things my kid does. Here she is with her friend Chloe- they got tattoo's and to my horror- they put them on their necks! Who puts tattoos on their neck? My kid does.

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  1. The things that 4 year olds say!!

    Loving the tattoos! Jayk would put them on his neck also, but my favorite was on the forehead. Kids!!