Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Eve 2010

On Christmas Eve, we let the kids open one gift before Jen had to go to work. We try to steer them towards something cool, so they are not opening PJ's or something they will not be too happy with.

Jen had to work all night- so I was on my own with the kids- I am thankful that the older ones understand all about Santa- so they can help out some!

We left out cookies for Santa and oats for the reindeer. It was sort of a lonely night for me with Jen gone. Dylan was in Greeley with my Ex- he likes being the only kid there. :)

Bryce and Trey

Taya got a Leapster, and Toast is annoyed that we are bothering her nap

Trey helped make more cookies!

Toby- always has to make sure his hair looks cool

Good night Moo- Santa is on his way!


  1. You have a beautiful family. Everyone looks so happy. :)

  2. Sounds like Christmas was great! And it is so nice to have the older kids to help out with Santa. Sucks that Jen had to work. That last pic of Taya is so sweet!

    And seriously - is Trey wearing an Ohio State t-shirt?!!!?