Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Out of control!

So, we are now a 6 phone- cell phone family. That is just out of control! I honestly only wanted to get one for Trey- I did/do not think Dylan is ready- but how do you buy a phone for one twin and not the other? So, Dylan lucked out and got one too.

However, we are a cruel family! The Twins thought they were getting them for Christmas- and we did not give them to them, they watched Christmas and the following days come and go with no phones- they were so disappointed but did not complain- so then we gave them to them on New Year's Eve- we just can't help but be a little mean! :)

While they were opening them- we called them to make the boxes ring!

Trey with his new phone

Dylan with his new phone

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  1. We are a 5 cell phone family - Kel, me, Jarrod, Jayk, and my Mom. When Jayk got his I thought he was too young. But he is 10 now, and he does text his friends quite a bit. Actually, neither boy talk on it very much, they both just text like crazy.

    Both Trey and Dylan look super happy with their new phones! :O)