Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Birthday-NOT!

So Sunday was my Birthday- Birthday's have never been anything really exciting- but it's your Birthday. Saturday was a long day- I was trying to work on 2 1/2 hours of sleep- Toby had a wrestling match that lasted 12 hours- we did not know it was going to last that long- so I had nothing to eat or drink all day- and apparently it was too much for my stupid body and my sickness reared it's head. I have Cyclic vomiting syndrome.

So I knew I was headed to the ER- I had my neighbor take me in- not wanting to bother Jen at work- and hoping by the time she got home Sunday morning- I would be feeling better- well not the case- she was pissed that I went to the ER without telling her- I was not feeling better and it was my Birthday. By Sunday night I was back in the ER for meds and fluids- but it still did not help- Monday morning I told her I really thought something was wrong and I better go to the Dr. I was in his office all of about 5 mins before he told her to take me to the hospital to be admitted. You know you are sick when that actually sounds like a good idea. Finally we were able to get my illness under control and I am home again- trying to take it slow- as slow as you can with 5 kids and a full time business to run!

So, I am going to skip my Birthday this year and hope that next year will be better.


  1. i hope you are back on the road to recovery.

  2. I hope you are feeling all better - and have to say that I would skip my birthday also !! Or atleast postpone it! :o)