Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bowling for New Years

After spending many days in the house for Christmas break- Jen finally had a day off and we took the kids bowling. Bryce and Toby did not go, and it irritated me a bit- because they can go with their girlfriends but not their old Mom- I know this is just the beginning- but I had fun with my other three.

I am not a good bowler, nor do I ever care to be- but it is fun to watch how competitive my kids are- and they are not very good either. When the Twins were not looking, I was changing my score to get strikes and spares- it was so funny to watch them get irritated because I was winning- had they been paying any type of attention, they would know I never even knock more than 5 pins down! Jen and I were laughing so hard- I almost bowled a perfect 200! We are still giving them a hard time about how poorly they bowl. Oh the joys of picking on your own kids! lol

Trey, going in for the kill shot

Dylan just likes to pose, I think

Gutter ball

Taya has a future in bowling- at least a fashion statement!

The Family- I love them!


  1. God, Trey and Dylan are so different in height! Bless Dylan, does it get to him?

  2. Looks like it was a lot of fun! And I LOVE Taya's fashion statement! Her and Caelyn would get a long GREAT!