Monday, January 3, 2011

Lucky 11!

Just in case we did not have enough going on for the holiday's, I had a dog due on Christmas Day! So I stayed close to home all week! On Jen's days off- we did nothing because I was sure she would have them while I was gone. She was miserable.

Here is Leihua on the couch a few days late

Here is her big belly- this is where she lives at my feet

She was big- for her and we thought maybe 5 or so- I actually took these pictures to send to my Mom because we both thought she was not very big!

New years Day- I went to run a few errands and came home to make dinner. I was just loving on her, when all of a sudden I got a weird feeling and called to her and she would not come- I walked into my bedroom and there was a baby on the floor. I rush into Mom mode and try to get her set up where she is supposed to have them and again she won't come- I tell Jen to go get her and she has another one! Finally we get her all set up- 7 hours later- she has 11 beautiful babies born! 6 boys and 5 girls. 11 babies born on 1-1-11. Must be lucky!

She is such a great Mama!

Somewhere in this bunch is our new female- Ika. Pronounced "e ka"- it means strong in Hawaiian. I love you Leihua- you are the best dog in the world!

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