Monday, September 5, 2011

any ideas?

OK my friends- this is what happens in front of our barn every time we get heavy rain fall- it is the lowest point of our property. Inside that barn is where our dogs live, and I have to walk through that lake to feed and water them not to mention they get soaked if they go outside- any ideas to drain this nightmare? I have called plumbers and they have nothing for me. At the deepest point I would guess the water is about 6 inches. Behind the barn is a road- so maybe it could be sucked onto the road- although I am not sure the city would appreciate it. :)


  1. Sorry, City, but I'd blow it onto the road.

  2. Ugh that really sucks! We are in the city too, so not sure I will be much help.

    Is there any way to dig a trench out to the road, or somewhere else, away from the barn?

    Those poor puppies - you can see them in the top photo!!