Monday, February 11, 2013

13 year old Twins

I have no clue where the time went, or how it happened, but I am now the Mother of 13 year old Twins!  It seemed like yesterday that I was trying to conceive them, that the DR. told me I was carrying triplets but one did not develop a heart beat and to be cautious because I may lose another or both- phewey I said and called everyone as soon as my pants were back on!

I remember having the US and they said, there is a boy, I was so sad and upset for I wanted a girl so bad.  Still hoping the other would be a girl, but nope she said two boys!  I was mistaken I thought I wanted a girl, but I am so happy that I had these two great boys!

Trey, you are 6 foot tall and 165 pounds.  You are a great student, a natural athlete at every sport you try.  You are handsome, caring, smart, and very loving.  You treat your girlfriend so sweet and I am excited to see the man you will grow up to be.

Dylan, my little Dill pickle.  You are 5'3" and 105 pounds.  You have a heart as big as Texas and would do anything or anyone.  You amaze me, I would hate to be Trey's twin, you always have to work harder at things, but you do.  You are an amazing wrestler and are going to do big things with that.  You still hug your Mama and will be my little boy.  I love having you as my baby boy.

Happy Birthday to my great Twins.  I am thankful for you every day.

 Trey and his BFF Garrett at Benihana's
 Dylan and his friend Sterling
The guys.  I dared them to all get up and dance during the Birthday song and I would give them $10 each- they did not do it. :(
 Trey with his brownie- not a big cake fan
 Taya and I along for the ride, and I guess to pay the bill-lol  Jen had to work, like always
Dylan and his brownie


  1. They look like the same kid just different hair colors. Happy 13th Birthday boys!!! Keep doing an awesome job in everything you are doing. And Thank you Kate for sharing their accomplishments with all of us on Facebook. I love seeing all the sports pictures!