Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Christmas 2012

I am slowly getting caught up on the blogs.  This was a nice Christmas having all my kids home.  I have no idea why everyone is standing up to open their gifts- lol

 Trey in his new glasses
 Toby getting a sweatshirt
 This was Christmas Eve because the stalkings are still up
 Bryce and the  girlfriend Kallie- have I mentioned I love having him home? lol
 It was hard to buy him gifts this year, I had no clue what he needed
 Taya with her stalking on Christmas morning
 Christmas morning
 Nice outfit Trey!
 Toby with his new letter jacket!  It is hard to get pictures of him, I have to promise not to post them on Facebook, but he never said my blog. :)
 Dylan relaxing with his new Tablet
 Grandpa, Bryce and Trey waiting to eat.
 My honey carving the turkey- it was so much better than my miserable Thanksgiving. :)
Kallie is airbrushing a tattoo on Trey and he seems to think it hurts- what a puss

A great Christmas was had by all.

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