Sunday, February 10, 2013

Thanksgiving 2012

Ok, I know I suck so I am just going to try to plat catch up.  I really hate it when people post like 15 blogs in a day, so I am going to try not to do that- but catch up as best I can.

 Grandpa and Trey
 Grandpa and Dylan
 This is Grandma, she is a diabetic and she can sniff out the sweets and can't control herself, it is really comical how she attacks them when she thinks no one is looking
 Toby, Trey and Grandma
 Grandpa and Taya
Thanksgiving this year sucked.  It was my first year without Bryce home.  Jen had to work, I was sad and depressed and not in the mood.  I overcooked the turkey because the thermometer broke and I did not know it so I kept on cooking, and cooking until it was so dry that I could barely eat it.  I have also never carved a turkey- Jen always does it and I think Bruce did it once for me when Jen was working- but I had to do it- so it looked like a hacked up, dry, over cooked stupid bird by the time I was done with it.

I invited Jen's parents over and they said they were going to her Uncle's so I did not worry about them. Then when they came over later that night after Jen got off work, they told me they went to Golden Corral, so then I felt like crap because they went out to eat when they should have been at my house and I guess I should have pressed them more for their plans, so they day just got worse and worse.  Glad it is behind us.

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