Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Cookies!

Today I made my second batch of sugar cookies, before the month is over I will surly make 4 or 5 more. My kids love frosted sugar cookies and the recipe I have makes the softest cookies- I love them too.

Sometimes it is so weird that my kids like spending time with us and doing stuff like this- when I was growing up I did not want to be anywhere near my parents- so I wasn't. To this day I could not even tell you a whole lot about my parents and visversa- they don't know a whole lot about me. I think it is great that our kids still like us.-This week!

What cookies do you make for the holidays?

Dylan decorating cookies

Trey was a big help with decorating

Bryce does not like a lot of frosting- weird

Toby- just got his hair cut!

Taya- she wanted to put chocolate sprinkles on every cookie


  1. A great "soft sugar cookie" recipe? Well... you can't keep it to yourself! SHARE!!! Seriously, I want to know!!! Hugs, ag

  2. Sounds yummy. I make a lot of peanut butter cookies for Nick and I love gingerbread.

  3. i want to know that recipe too, nick would love those.

  4. They sound great! I read the recipe above - and plan to write it down so that we can make them!

    Kel and I love to bake for the holidays! We usually make peanut butter blossoms, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate fudge, peanut butter fudge, cocoa kisses, and puppy chow. We will do the majority of out baking the week before Christmas so that we can take it out to my brothers house for our Christmas get together. But - that sugar cookie recipe of yours, and the puppy chow are calling my name! We may have to make a batch of each ahead of time! ;-)

  5. Oh, and our kids like to hang out and bake with us too! It is great! I sure hope that it doesn't change as they get older - but I have hope, how old is Bryce? 16? And he still likes too! So that does give me hope!