Thursday, December 31, 2009

A year in review!

I am going to steal this great idea from my buddies at Two Mom's with a Plan.

2009 was a year of change for us- some good and some bad. I am hoping 2010 will be a better year. I am not good at resolutions but I do have some goals:

To do more for people less fortunate then myself- I am really feeling a calling towards homeless people- so I hope to make a difference in this area and to pass this trait on to my kids

To be the best Mom I can be and to know when to let go just a little, sometimes decisions are not mine to make and I need to remember that

To treasure the time I am given with my family, my wonderful Husband, my friends, and my animals

To do more good then harm-really try to be supportive and not hinder people in any way- I would like to make this world better for people- even if it is just through some laughter

Never take my health for granted- it can be taken away in a second

May 2010 bring everyone laughter and love- thanks for sharing this journey with us and for letting us share in your lives as well.

January- I turned 40 with a fun surprise party!

February- Jen had a baby- unfortunately she died in October but she was pretty sweet while we had her. Jen was laid off from her job and Kate freaked out!

March- Jen rolled one of our Excursions but was OK- Praise God. Taya turned three!

April- We began a huge addition of a kitchen and two bedrooms. Bryce turned 15!
May- Jen decided to tear apart one of our bathrooms. Trey was in a motorcycle accident.

June- Taya got her own room with the construction project and we went to Hawaii

July- The kitchen remodel is done, I have no idea how I ever managed with a kitchen so small.
Bryce got his permit
My wonderful, sweet Grandmother passed away and broke my heart- I still miss you everyday!
August- School started and Bryce helped build our new pergola on the new addition

September- Football began and we had a great turn out for game night

October- Halloween was fun- Jen left for a month of training in PA- Bryce went to not one, but two, Homecomings with different girls

November- The Twins turned 10! Trey had hand surgery- notice who is always in a hospital bed.....

December- Toby turned 12! Some sat on Santa's lap for the first time, and some for the last time.
I am so blessed to have a great family and wonderful friends. From our house to yours- Happy New Year!


  1. How did the last year go by so fast? Thanks for sharing your family with us! Hugs, ag

  2. Wow, that fun to look at and remember, and I remember every single one of those events. I think 2010 is going to be great year for everyone!

  3. You guys had a crazy year. I am so glad that despite all of the injuries, everyone is fine and healthy. The updates to the house are gorgeous. I am totally envious of your kitchen.

    I pray that 2010 is a year full of health and happiness for your family.

  4. I love you baby, you did a great job! That pretty much sums it up. You worked hard on this last night, and it is awesome. You are my life, and I am so happy to be yours. YAMWAILY!!

  5. What a great year. Thanks for sharing. All the very best to all of you in 2010.