Monday, December 14, 2009

Crazy sleeping patterns....

I just had to share these crazy pictures of our kids/animals. Yes Taya still sleeps with us most nights- she has her own bed but she likes to snuggle.

She really likes changing her clothes- drives me crazy- this is not something the boys did. Last week Jen let her go to Awanas with her bathrobe on over her clothes. It is hard for me to let go in these situations because it is not proper- I know it does not hurt anything- but her bathrobe?

Taya loves her brothers. Bryce had a girl over and Taya was so jealous- she told us "it is time for Bryce's friend to go home" we laughed so hard at her.

Trey gets his pins out tomorrow- hopefully that will go OK.

Jen has three days off- so I am pretty happy. My biggest complaint about her new job is that I can't talk to her all day- I am used to calling her whenever I want to talk or need something- so this is tough on me. :)

We had a bit of a water problem over the weekend- I was doing dishes and the basement was flooding- so off went the water. I thought it would be an easy fix- nothing is easy in a 100 year old house. It seems a pipe broke by freezing- one that the workers knew needed to be replaced when we did our kitchen remodel- so that irks me- no one mentioned it when everything was already torn apart and easy to get to.. Now we had a sump pump installed today and we can use the water again- I just pray it solves the problem. I am sick of spending money on this house! Oh well what do you do?

Trey and Taya snuggling and watching TV

This is what I woke up to yesterday

This is what Taya is wearing to bed tonight- notice the different shoes and the coat!

This is what she put on after her bath when I told her to put on her PJ's.


  1. Taya is such a girl.

    Got your Christmas card today.

    And the comment you left on my blog.

    Thank you.

  2. Taya just cracks me up! Oh my gosh! Soooo funny and cute!

    We got the Christmas card! Thank you!! Mark wanted me to remind him who you were again. I told him you were the one who didn't wipe your butt. He said all serious "Oh, yeah, that's right! I remember her now!". :) You have quite the rep girl!!

  3. Awww that one of taya and the dog asleep on the bed is so what its like in our house too!

  4. Made your cookies today! : ) Thanks! Merry Christmas, my friends!