Friday, December 4, 2009

I need the truth- cruel as it may be

I have a dilemma and before I go make an ass of myself I would like your opinion.

We as a family enjoy wearing shorts- all year round. Jen has been on pants strike for 2 years now. The kids enjoy them and that is how we role. I wear flip flops all year round even when it snows- remember we live in CO- but out on the plains so we do not see the snow that you do in the mountains. We are water folks, Hawaii, FL, at the lake every weekend- we even wear shorts skiing.

When the kids are little they have to wear snow boots on snowy days- I get that- they are 3-4 they will step in puddles and get wet- no biggie. Taya wears a hat, gloves, scarf, the works- but she is 3 and she likes it.

Trey and Dylan are 10 and they want to wear shorts to school. They wear a coat- they do not complain about being cold- as long as their tops are warm they are fine. the school is forbidding them to wear shorts. I am frustrated because I am the parents and if I think it is OK- let it be. They are not causing problems by wearing shorts- still playing on the playground and having a good attitude. They do not walk to or from school so that is not an issue.

Trey is in tears over this, I am frustrated because it really should not matter what he is wearing- what do you think?


  1. That makes me laugh cos i see young boys going to the local private school with their uniforms on and they are made to wear shorts, even when its bitterly cold outside. It sounds like the school is being unfair as if the kids are comfortable and it sounds like they are, how can it be wrong. You are not neglecting them or sending them to school to be cold. Personally i am always cold so i always wear lots of clothes in winter, but not everyone is the same. Sod the school!!!

  2. Hats is what keeps the kids warm, not pants. My son goes out in Tshirt and shorts all the time, the only thing I ask him is to wear a hat because that is where the heat escaps from. If it makes you feel any better, my kid wears pants, shirt and a sweatshirt and they told me he has to wear a winter jacket. He hates it due to his sensory issues, but thats the RULE.