Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Pictures

Christmas was wonderful at our house. We actually opened our gifts on Christmas Eve because Jen had to work on Christmas. I did not want to be home alone with the kids on Christmas so I baked a turkey for the less fortunate and we volunteered at the homeless dinner. When we finished with that- we came home and opened our stalkings and then had a quiet dinner with just us- it was kind of nice since I had been feeding everyone night after night.

Taya of course had a wonderful Christmas- as the kids get older their gifts get more expensive so they end up with less. I think they may have been a bit disappointed- but oh well- they get way more then they need that is for sure.

I am still adjusting to Jen's new work schedule. I have never had to spend a holiday alone- so I have been fortunate. I was glad to find something useful for the kids and I to do.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and God Bless.

Leihua with her new Christmas toys

Toby trying to beat my score at "Bop It"

Grandpa enjoyed his new Shop Vac

Bryce made me this serving bowl

Taya- who never takes off her sleep mask, has been begging people to play with her and play dough

Trey and his new PSP

Jen and her ugly Bronco slippers

Bryce and Toby with their new I-Touch's

Taya and the serving bowl she made me- it has her hand prints all over it


  1. Looks like a happy day all around!

  2. Awww looks like you had fun despite Jen working. Jilly was working nights, which was pretty rubbish, but we got to spend christmas together so that was the main thing. Merry christmas all of you x

  3. Love the serving bowl with Tayas hand prints. I'm glad you had a good holiday together. The pictures are great. I still have yet to put up our pics. I just keep finding (unfortanatly) new adoption stuff that pops up to blog about.