Sunday, April 4, 2010

I am going to jail!

I took Taya and Bryce to see the Easter Bunny at the mall. Bryce would not sit on his lap- he is a poor sport.

Taya was so excited, jumping up and down- until it was her turn- then she turned to me and said "hold you"- that means she wants me to hold her- isn't that cute? So after some coaching- I got her to sit next to the bunny and smile.

I bought the package- asked if they would sell me the .jpeg- but they would not- so they forced me to go to Walmart and scan the picture so I could have a digital copy. I do have a great scanner that Jen has never hooked up-so I have to go out in public and commit crimes of copy write fraud.

I wonder if I will get ham in jail for Easter? The inportant thing is that I now have a picture to show you on my blog. I did this for YOU! :)


  1. Oh I feel so honored!! Can't believe what you went through just for me. :) :)

    She's so cute!!

    Happy Easter!!

  2. The pic is absolutely wonderful! I am so glad you risked your freedom for us!! :o)

  3. lol....Ive use to do that with the kids school But here is sure way you wont get caught. Bring a regular photo with you just in case you need the person to plug in the security card you can show them the regular photo.

    Then, well, you know the rest.

    Very funny post. I do believe they serve ham in prison on Easter. NOT that I know anything about that sort of thing.

  4. I did bring some decoy pictures- but the rude Walmart over zelous employee kept asking for the index card that shows what I put on the disc- I hid it in advance and talked a lot to distract her. I acted like it never printed. :)