Thursday, April 22, 2010


This is what my life has become? I have scrapbooked 230 pages since Jan 1st. I am trying to get 600 done this year. I really do enjoy it- and I oh so selfeshly enjoy a quiet house- I really look forward to my Wednesday's when Jen is back at work and the brats, (I mean kids) are in school- but how pathetic am I? I mean get a hobby- oh this is my hobby! I know it could be worse- I could be an alcoholic or something- but sometimes I just look at my life and I wonder when I became so dull......

I have no idea why this is loading sideways- it is right on my computer. :)


  1. If you are dull, then I am dull. Because we have the same hobby. ;0) Its fun, safe and harmless and gives our children something to remember us and their childhoods by. Its the perfect hobby.

  2. I love those pages...they look great. I so relate to you.

    Being gay and the life we had before, my parnter and I, we stop and look at each other and think "what happened"

    Our lives......

    "its friday night, Medium is on...whoooo hoooo"

    need i say more?