Sunday, April 25, 2010


I got your attention didn't I? I love breeding dogs- it let's me stay home, I get to play with puppies all the time- I can pretty much buy a puppy when ever I can afford one because hopefully we will use it in our breeding program. I do enjoy dogs- but there is a downside (well many downsides)- like today- one of our females had me up all night- wanting in and out- panting in my face- but I thought she would still wait another 24 hours or so.

Today, I went to Greeley- another town about 45 minutes away so I could buy my 500 pounds of weekly dog food- ran errands, and we came home to new puppies! I know you are thinking this is really exciting- and it is- until I tell you that she had them right next to my bed- so now we have placenta juice in the carpet- yummy! Think about that squishy sound when you climb into bed.

So tonight we are cleaning the carpets and gagging from the smell in our bedroom- we get to sleep with pups whining and crying all night because they have not yet gotten the hang of nursing- and in 8 weeks after I have fallen in love with them and bonded with them- someone will come and take them away from me and rip my heart out. Did I say I loved my job?


  1. Awww, those pictures are adorable. Those little lives are so worth the temporary bad smell!

  2. They are so cute. :) Sorry about the placenta juice in the carpet, though. :(

  3. well, could of done without the placenta juice, but those puppies are so worth me reading about placenta and all that girly stuff.

    They are so cute!!!!!!!