Saturday, July 3, 2010

1800 mile road trip with family!

Madison and Bryce ride the train

Dylan, Madison, Trey, Megan, and Toby go for a ride

Toby became a miner

The group at Mt. Rushmore, SD

Group shot before saying goodbye
We went a an Amazing Race style quick 1800 mile road trip in a week with 13 people. It was fun. I got to hang out with my brother, his wife, her brother, and their two kids. Sometimes the campfire stories and childhood memories were a bit much for me- there is a reason to leave those memories in your past!
We went to Colorado Springs, Durango, Mt. Rushmore, Mesa Verde, Silverton, Crazy Horse, Bear Country and enjoyed it all. I went water rafting for the first time!
I love summer- but now it is back to reality- Jen is working for 12 days straight and I need to work on this house that I have neglected.


  1. How fun! I went to Mesa Verde once...that is an incredible park.