Monday, July 26, 2010

I am bored

I have been wanting to replace the tub for awhile now- in fact I think I bought the new tub in January and nothing has gotten done- so I just started tearing it up- so now it has to get done. However, it is a bigger project then the "how to" sheets at Home Depot- the plumbing needs to be welded and the boys are super tall so the shower head thingy needs to be moved up- so I had to call in the professionals. The old tub was cast iron- so I am glad someone else had to lift it out! I did the demolishing part of it!

So now that this project is almost done- I also think I am going to tear apart my master bath because I have always hated it- Jen just shakes her head at me- but what else am I supposed to do to keep myself from being bored?

1 comment:

  1. Oh Always into something. BUT, this is a good something. I bet it will make a world of a difference to be in your bathroom and love it!