Thursday, July 1, 2010

Accents at our house

My brother came to go on a road trip with us and rented the biggest motor home I have ever seen. Things were going well and in the middle we came home for a night.

We stopped for gas and I went to get into theirs so I could direct them to our house- not sure what I was doing but I was looking down and I walked right into their HUGE side mirror- hit it so hard I knocked myself out for a few seconds. One minute I was walking, the next minute I was on the ground and 5 people were standing around me. I got some road rash on my leg- a goose egg on my head and the worst headaches from it- but more then anything I felt so stupid!

Then we went home and had a BBQ with Jen's parents and some friends. Taya wanted to show her cousin's her miniature horse- so they went out to the pasture- next thing I know Taya is on the ground and bleeding. I guess they put her on the horse bareback without even a halter on and the horse took off and Taya ran into a barb wire fence. Lesson learned for the kids to always halter a horse!

So Tay had a huge hole in her armpit and off to the ER we went- felt bad for our guests- but we had to go. She got 5 stitches, lots of road rash, and another hole got sterie strips because there was not enough skin to close it. My poor daughter. The Dr. said it was his youngest horse riding accident.

Nothing is worse then your child screaming in pain!

The following day my niece went to the ER with Strep- so three visits ought to do it! Glad we came home for a night to support our local hospital!


  1. Oooooh, poor Taya...and Poor Moms having to see your daughter like that. I couldnt imagine!

  2. OMG! i'm glad you guys are ok! It's so hard when our little ones are hurt!

  3. That just breaks my heart! poor poor Taya! And how crazy that you knocked yourself out!!

  4. Awwww, poor sweet little thing! Sending lots of get well wishes Taya's way.